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Business and Management Consulting

‘Business and Management Consulting' can describe a very wide range of assignments.  Thinking Cap personnel have successfully carried-out business consulting assignments for companies of all sizes in many industries and in various parts of the globe. We bring to bear a range of consulting skills to assist in addressing your business issues whatever they might be.

We believe that we're different from many other consultancies in that we won't simply deliver a report telling you what's wrong before walking away (chances are that you know what's wrong anyway). Instead we'll work closely with you to design an action plan that'll deliver significant positive changes for your business.  If you choose to do so, we'll then partner with you every step of the way, thereby ensuring our joint accountability for the desired outcomes.

The general skills we apply are: strategic analysis; business process analysis; facilitation, mediation and negotiation; and well honed verbal and written communications. These skills are backed up by wide and deep experience, and are delivered in a good-humoured, empathetic yet firm fashion, making us effective and approachable change agents.